weekly round up #4

This week, Rachel Zoe caught the attention of all of her fans by increasing the social media posts from her secondary twitter account, The Zoe Report. This was very interesting and fun for the readers as there was more Zoe tweets to read. This week the fashionista celebrated her nephews 17th birthday. Zoe’s use of pathos this week was spot on with the photo she uploaded with her nephew. This photo made me feel really happy because it gave me a sense that stars are normal people too. Of course I looked him up the split second after, but lets not focus on him and get back to Rachel Zoe. The stylist of the stars used “u” in many of her posts this week instead of saying “you”. Yes this is small, but by her using text lingo in her tweets, she immediately made her followers feel that the tweets were personal and informal. Yay Rachel Zoe for coming out on top again. This is MAJOR!Image

Save the Children also used pathos effectively this week in their social media. This organization really has a great way of making you feel something when you read their tweets. That is saying a lot since tweets are only so long. They constantly upload photos of underprivileged children and this automatically makes me extremely sad, but ready to help the cause. This week each of the organization’s post on Facebook had an image which really helped portray the cause in an effective manner. On Twitter, the organization was seen retweeting tweets that were posted about the organization and this built a sense of credibility for the charity. This post on Facebook made the readers of the post interact with the organization which aided with the credibility of the organization. By incorporating their supporters, the organization made the feel that they were making a difference through their actions and words.


Again, the weakest social media campaign goes to Sofia Vergara. This is very disappointing to me because I had a lot of faith in her when I started following her on social media. The actress has a very big personality which is not resonated on both her Facebook page and Twitter page. Her biggest downfall is that 99% of her social media posts are through another social media site called whosay. By making me click my mouse an extra time, I immediately lost the interest I had. It is quite annoying to constantly have to double click. I do not understand why she has any social media outside of whosay because it seems to be the only social media platform she uses. If I was her I would figure this major problem out as soon as possible because I cannot be the only person who minds the double click. Saying this, she did a great job of utilizing pathos by uploading this photo. It is a picture with Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter. This made me feel like I could have been there with them in Australia after seeing it because it was personal. This made me feel envy and happiness when viewing this photograph. Vergara continues to come in last place because her uninteresting posts and the use of whosay.com on her Facebook and Twitter.



48 hours of social media

For 48 hours straight, I took note of EVERY SINGLE advertisement, marketing push, branding post, or fundraising request I encountered on social media. These are the advertisements I saw:

1. Nordstrom Ad- “Best Dresses” Sidebar post on FB. Image and text. Clicked.

2. Baltimore Soundstage, “ON SALE NOW!”-FB suggested post. Image and text. Did not click                                                                                                                

3. bigdropnyc-Sidebar post on FB. Text and Image. Did not click

4. Gilt-FB sidebar. Image and Text. Didn’t click. Item i had previously looked at on the site

5. ShoeDazzle “Sale 50% off”-FB sidebar. Text and Image. Did not click

6. Nordstrom ad,”Shop Prom”-FB sidebar. Image and Text. Did not click

7. Macys, “Save Big Todday”-FB sidebar. Image and text. Did not click

8. gerberlife “grow-up plan””-FB sidebar. Did not click                                                                             

9. Sally Hansen, “Triple shine manicure”-Promoted ad on Twitter. Image and Text. Did not click    

10. Edible Arrangements- FB sidebar. Image and text. Did not click                                                    

11. Vimeo “Video looks best on Vimeo”-FB sidebar. Image and text. Did not click                             

12. Taglit-Birthright Israel, FB suggested post. Image and Text. Didn’t click                                    

13. Rebecca Minkoff- FB sidebar ad. Image and text. Did not click                                                        

14. Nokia  “Zoom and Enjoy”-FB sidebar. Image and Text. Did not click                                               

15. AT&T “Never be away from home”- FB sidebar. Image and Text. Did not click                                 

16. Starbucks “Double up on VIA”-FB sidebar. Image and Text. Did not click                                         

17. Popsugar “Save $10 with code BOX10”-FB sidebar ad. Image and text. Did not


18. GrubHub “Order delivery on GrubHub”-FB sidebar ad. Image and Text. Did not


19. Adobe “Adobe Creative Cloud”-FB sidebar ad. Image and Text. Did not click                               

20. Student Alienware Deal-FB sidebar ad. Image and text. Did not click                                            

21. HumanProgress.Org-FB sidebar. Image and text. Did not click                                                        

22. Semester at Sea, “Sail on SAS Summer 2014”- FB sidebar. Image and text. Did not click                                                                                                                    

23. Dell Student Discounts- FB sidebar. Image and text. Did not click 

24. 1800Flowers, “Save 15% Today”- FB sidebar. Image and text. Did not click

In these 48 hours, I used less social media than I normally due to an influx in quizzes and upcoming midterms. At the end of my 48 hours, I saw 24 advertisements. Overall I did not find any of them effective because I only clicked on one out of the 24 I encountered. I was surprised at the number of ads that popped up that I had no interest in and had never looked up online. I thought that everything that came up on my Facebook was something I showed interest in, but through this research I realized I was wrong. What shocked me was that each of the ads was presented in the very same way with an image and text which did not make any of them grab my attention. It was very cool to look at all of the marketing I encounter every day.

weekly round up #3

Lets start this blog post with Rachel Zoe’s fabulous use of social media this week! She needs to get a round of applause for how often the style maven tweeted and posted on Facebook at least one time each day and usually way more. I was hyperventilating at points but this post did it for me. In this tweet, Zoe shows her followers her bedroom. This is a big deal! When a star opens their home to you, it is usually because they care about their fans and they want to build a sense of connection. This tweet was a great use of ethos because she is not only telling her audience to buy these pieces, she is showcasing them in her room. This was very effective in making me consider purchasing one of these items for my house. Seeing it in one of role models homes, immediately made me want to shop the look because of the credibility established by uploading  the picture of her own bedroom. I would buy anything my internet bestie puts in her own home.  Zoe takes first place this week for her great use of ethos through her personal addition of a picture in her tweet! Image

Save the Children took the opportunity this week to use pathos to intrigue their followers to contribute to the wonderful organization. They tweeted and uploaded the image pictured below and it immediately made me say “AWWWW”!  This post was a very effective way of appealing to the emotions of their audience by making you feel something when you see that picture. The photograph of two girls making a heart in honor of valentine’s day makes you feel very intrigued to help in the efforts of Save the Children. When you see a photo of two underprivileged children smiling and making a heart with their hands, it makes you realize how fortunate we all are and how we can make a change in this organization. Save the Children’s use of pathos this week was spot on keeping in mind that a common use of pathos is to draw pity from an audience. This organization did a great job this week with their social media and this post especially. It was very different from their previous posts and this was eye catching for me because they did not hashtag anything. The lack of hashtags made me feel that they were not posting to get anything trending on twitter, but solely out of the kindness of their hearts in wishing everyone a happy valentine’s day. Image


In last place is Sofia Vergara. Her presence on social media this week was AWFUL! Her twitter page was not interesting at all. Vergara commonly puts links to a site named whosay. She posts more pictures on that site than she does on Facebook and Twitter combined. She attempted to use pathos, but fell very short. This post made me feel happy that she is involving her followers in her everyday life, but it does not make me feel anything extraordinary in comparison to Save the Children’s post. I do not know what I am supposed to do with this photo of cake. I found it interesting though because it was different from her other posts. It actually had a picture that you didn’t have to click another link to see, but of course the link is there just in case you want to browse. I’m pretty disappointed in Vergara’s social media this week because nothing she posted was worth reading and it was all fluff. Step it up Sofia! Image

scandal… not the TV show!

This week I read about the American Apparel social media scandal that occurred in October. As someone who was affected by Hurricane Sandy, I found in distasteful and offensive! The chain sent out an email to its customers on its email list offering 20% off in Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland. Ya know just in case you’re bored right? When Hurricane Sandy hit my town, the last thing anyone was interested in was shopping. We were sorta focused on the lost lives, our damaged homes, lost family heirlooms, and no electricity, but i guess buying bodysuits and crop tops should take precedence… wait maybe I’m wrong!  Due to the huge backlash that occurred in response to this horrible email, american apparel was being protested by many angry former customers.

First off, I would not have sent this email out. This would never have even crossed my mind as a proper time to promote my company. I would have handled this situation very differently. If I worked for American Apparel, I would have sent out an email to all of the company’s customers in support of the people affected by the hurricane. Instead of targeting the areahit by the natural disaster, I would have sent it out to help raise money for the victims. Instead of 20% off, I would have done 20% of all purchases go to the Hurricane Sandy efforts. The company would have been put in a better light and they would have been viewed as charitable instead of ignorant. dfba96c5

What are their “brands”?

When you think of what a brand is, what comes to mind? I thought it was just the company’s name, logo, and slogan. Yes this is a part of a person or organizations brand, but there is much more! Nike has the slogan Just Do It and the swoosh as their logo, but when I think of Nike I also think of good quality, professional, and if I buy one of their products, I will perform better. This is a companies brand. The modern day brand is what people think of when they hear the name of a person, company, or organization. According to Forbes, It’s factual and emotional.  

Rachel Zoe is more than a stylist, editor, and designer. When I think of Zoe’s brand, I think of fashion-forward, chic, timeless, and bananas. For those who haven’t watched The Rachel Zoe Project, she has many things that she says all the time to the point where they are categorized as her trademarks. She loves to say “I die”, “Literally can’t deal with this right now”, “It’s everything”, “Beyond Major”, “Not gonna lie”, and lastly “BANANAS”! These are all a integral part of her brand. Rachel Zoe’s brand is the epitome of high fashion and of course her family. Zoe is not usually seen without either her son or husband by her side.

Sofia Vergara is seen as the funny and attractive Columbian actress in the hit television show, Modern Family. Lucky her, right? She is a famous comedian and model as well thanks to her good looks and wit. She has endorsed CoverGirl, Diet Pepsi and Comcast after her amazing success! Vergara’s brand also includes her fashion line for K-Mart. 

Save The Children has a very distinguished brand. What first comes to mind is the charitableness, selflessness, and success. When disaster strikes, this organization’s goal is to give the children a new and healthy start. Their brand includes our own Rachel Zoe, Jennifer Garner, Julianne Moore, Jennifer Connelly, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lynn Harrell and Helen Nightengale. These famous individuals are a part of Save The Children’s brand because they are artist ambassadors who support the efforts of this organization. The brand is helping children with education, health and emergencies. Save The Children is a charity for kids who are in need of help in 120 countries! 




weekly round up #2

So who do you think should win this weekly battle? After looking at the Twitters and Facebooks of Save The Children, Rachel Zoe, and Sofia Vergara, it was clear that their was a queen. She not only put passion into her efforts to reach her audience of followers, but she did this so often that no one had a choice but to look and be interested.

This week, Rachel Zoe was on her A game! In the words of the fashion guru herself, I DIE! Every time I see her new tweet or post on Facebook, I do think I literally die… maybe my heart stops for a second, but I think that still counts. I honestly feel like I learn about her and as if I’m living her life alongside her through her use of social media. I guess we can say she’s my internet bestie! Yeah we’ve never spoken, but I do feel a sense of connection to her especially this week. For this reason, she lands in first place for her consistent and abundant amount of tweets and posts this week from her page and The Zoe Report’s page. Go BANANAS! She posted a baby bag given to her by another fierce female, Jessica Alba, and her credibility made me instantly want to buy the same bag. Yeah I don’t have kids, but a bag is a bag right? Okay maybe not, but it’s still makes me want to buy it because one of my favorite celebs is rockin’ it on  the streets of LA! Image

Next in the line for the throne is Save The Children. Save The Children used amazing photos this week to appeal to its supporters emotions. It’s like the Sarah McLachlan animal cruelty commercials, even if you have no clue what is being supported, you automatically feel something. I had no clue the extremity of what was happening in HOMS in particular. We are told that there is a lot of violence occurring in Syria, but not usually specifically where. Save The Children did a great job of showing their supporters the issues taking place in the besieged city.


Sadly, Sofia Vergara comes in the last for the second week in a row. This is not to say she’s doing  a poor job with her social media… well maybe it is, but that she is doing a worse job than Zoe and Save The Children. She has connected with her followers by retweeting their tweets to make them feel like she cares about her fans. I give her credit for reaching out to her fans, but she has to step up her game.


About Me

I started this blog for my University Writing course at The George Washington University and it has been such a pleasure to write. When you visit my blog, you get an inside look at the social media of Rachel Zoe, Sofia Vergara, and Save The Children Organization. C’mon you know you’re interested! As a student of GW, I know time is precious in everyones day, but taking a moment each week to read it will be worth your while. It is simply about people doing things… very monumental things of course.

xOXo,                                                                                                                     Alexa Jade

The first of many….weekly round-up #1

Overall, Save The Children, Rachel Zoe, and Sofia Vergara were very active on social media this week. Through Facebook and Twitter these social media superstars not only caught my attention, but that of all of their followers. That being said, it’s a jungle out there and there must be a winner within these three social media campaigns.

This week I am giving the award of best social media to the Save The Children organization! This week this inspirational organization outshined the rest with the abundance of tweets seen during The State of The Union. At least one post or tweet was seen this week and it was very interesting to see how involved the organization is with politics. Save The Children relied on Pathos by uploading photos of children in the Middle East. It appealed to my emotions and instantly grabbed my attention. Another example from Save The Children was the photo of their CEO Carolyn Miles going to Jordan to deliver shoes as a partner of Toms. This was a great use of Pathos.

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 9.57.58 PM

In second place we have Ms. Rachel Zoe! She tweeted at least once every single day this week. She posted photosfrom her runway show that took place last night. What was interesting was the abundance of photos she used! It definitely caught my attention and I was going BANANAS! She also used Facebook this week, but used the same images that she posted on Twitter. Zoe used pathos perfectly on her social media by uploading photos of her son, Sky and family. It made me instantly say AWW! This made me continue to scroll down on both social media platforms and dig deeper for more photos of her family life.

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 9.59.51 PM

Last, but never least is the fabulous Sofia Vergara . The reason for this would be that her Facebook posts this week felt mostly impersonal. All of her posts and Tweets were in regards to the Head and Shoulders brand. Vergara is a spokeswoman for the brand, but her social media could have been the Head and Shoulders Twitter page or Facebookpage. This was very interesting to me that she overwhelmed her fans with tweets and statuses about anti-dandruff shampoo. She used ethos by showing her audience that she’s a credible source when it comes to hair care. By uploading pictures of herself with beautiful hair, I would try Head and Shoulders too! Wouldn’t you?Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 10.02.10 PM