This semester I have used social media to promote this blog. There many challenges. I have never really promoted anything before besides bake sales and things I spoke with others through word of mouth. This semester’s project led me to post online about my blog and I found this to be harder than I first assumed. It was difficult to remember to promote the blog due to the lack of audience reading my wonderful pieces of writing 😛 Another challenge was coming up with new and interesting things to say because I found myself repeating my previous posts and being extremely bland. I learned that writing “visit my page” is not sufficient. If all marketers wrote such boring statements, I would not click on them. Saying this, I tried very hard with my blog and its promotion whether online or by talking to others about my project. I think my campaign on social media did its purpose, but could have been stronger in some places. It was a learning experience and I do think it was overall effective.