The weather is finally beautiful in Washington, DC! This week we saw a few curveballs with the social media accounts of Sofia Vergara, Save the Children, and Rachel Zoe. Lets take a look!

The best at social media this week was Save the Children. This organization’s social media account always appeals to its audiences emotions. This week their posts were extremely strategic. The photograph I included below is a perfect example of how to use social media for all it has to offer. This week Save the Children tweeted at Chris Murphy thanking him for his support. This was not only showing appreciation towards the senator, but it also guided his followers to the Save the Children Twitter account. This was a great usage of Twitter and social media in general!


Next we have Rachel Zoe. I am definitely not saying that she did a poor job on social media this week because that is not the case at all. I found that her posts this week felt very predictable for Zoe. I feel that every photo I saw of her that she personally uploaded is very posed where she is wearing sunglasses indoors. I understand this is fashion, but there is no sun inside and it personally makes me feel closed off from her. I guess that could be just me! The caption in this photograph is great though. She pays homage to a designer which makes her look like she is not only using social media for her own promotion. I cannot wait to see what Zoe will be doing this coming week on social media.


I wish I could surprise you with my least favorite social media account this week, but unfortunately I could not stray from the predictable. Don’t blame me, blame Sofia Vergara. This post this week had a lot of potential and she is definitely on the right track. The post featured below is very simple and gives an inside look at her life, but again you must go to to view it and the photograph felt very stiff and not as candid as I would have liked. Saying this, we are moving in the right direction! I loved Sofia’s usage of Spanish and English in her post, but if it was another word that wasn’t as similar in both languages, I do think she would have needed to have two separate posts. Keep up the good work and ditch 🙂