This week was very consistent for Sofia Vergara, Save the Children, and Rachel Zoe. None of their social media accounts had any surprises, but this week I thought that Zoe and Save the Children performed at the same level as one another. They both do a great job in each of their niche audiences. Lets take a look… 

Rachel Zoe is always one to give a behind the scenes look at her work life and home life. This is very endearing and it really captivates the attention of her fashionista audience. It is good to know that someone who puts so much time and effort into her appearance still has a personal life. This week Rachel uploaded a TBT photo from her son Skyler’s birthday party. You had to know a little bit about the stylist to understand who is accompanying her in the photo. Joey Maalouf is Zoe’s best friend and she was on point for including him in one of her posts. By having her close friends in her photographs, it shows Rachel Zoe wants her fans to know her friends as well and this creates a very strong connection. This exemplifies that she is just like everyone else. In addition, Zoe’s TBT was so perfect because it showed that she is in the know of what is hot in pop culture and doing Throwback Thursday pictures is all the rage. Good job Rachel and keep it up! 



My all time favorite account, Save the Children did a phenomenal job as usual with its social media campaign. They also do a great job at appealing to the emotions of their supporters. Save the Children is an admirable charity and this week they did not fall short of their constant great work on social media. Save the Children announced their accomplishments and it immediately made me acknowledge how much good they do. By making people feel something whether that be sadness or anger or even curiosity, Save the Children has succeeded. I cannot wait to see their usage of social media next week. Image


This week Sofia Vergara was seen using her usual mediocre social media tactics. Yes she does have a lot of followers on her social media accounts, but I do not think that people follow her because they are genuinely interested in what she has to say or the lack of what she says on her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for that matter. Vergara was on the right track this week by tweeting in Spanish to attract her Spanish speaking audience, but she did not include the english translation. This is a big downfall on her social media. When she says anything in Spanish, I expect her to also include the English translation due to the fact that her show Modern Family  is in English. Vergara needs to appeal to both audiences and she continues to fall short. Lets see if she can improve her performance this coming week.