With the beginning of spring all I can think of are flowers and blooming trees! (cherry blossoms of course) With this new season does not come any new changes on the social media of Sofia Vergara, Save the Children and Rachel Zoe. This is not a big deal in some cases, but in others it is very unfortunate. **cough cough Sofia** Lets break down this weeks social media starting from the best to the worst… you can definitely guess the order, but lets pretend for the sake of this post that history does not repeat itself! 

In the most coveted spot is Rachel Zoe. The fashionista has a way with her words on all of her social media platforms. Her captions feel very personal and genuine. I would not think for a second that Zoe doesn’t write her own posts and this is key. Even if she has some random assistant write her tweets, post her Instagrams, and update her Facebook, I as her audience cannot tell. This week Rachel Zoe has been heavily promoting her new book, Living In Style. She does not go about this in the typical fashion of other celebrities selling goods and this is a breath of fresh air. Zoe sells you her product without you knowing. Yes this is manipulative, but it works! Rachel Zoe is a force to be reckoned with on social media and that is why she keeps coming in first place! Image

I know that in life we are not supposed to have favorites, but we all can admit that we do. Don’t let my favorite influence you, but i just have to spill. My favorite organization that I follow out of these three is Save the Children. Whoever does their PR is a genius. Every single post can make anyone burst into tears and want to make a difference. This week Save the Children was seen doing their normal routine of alternating posts with photos and posts without photos. I find this very effective because it keeps an audience engaged when there are graphics. In the screenshot below, the organization did not just promote itself, but also Google+. This photograph appeals to the readers emotions and therefore it is highly effective. This post not only grabs the attention of women, but anyone with a mother, a daughter, or a sister. Keep up the good work Save The Children! Image


Lets pretend you didn’t guess it already, but Sofia Vergara did the worst this week on social media. I do not think there is more than one post that evoked any sort of feeling. She is very straight to the point which normally would be considered a good thing, but not in this case. She does not show her personality at all and I feel as if she has hired a robot to manage her social media accounts. This is very disappointing, but to be completely honest I am so used to it that I expect nothing from her on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Please Sofia take some hints from the other celebrities and move up the social media ladder. Below is an example of one of posts that was more worthy for Instagram and no other medium. I wish the dish was Columbian because that would have shown how proud she is of her heritage, but instead it was a useless post. Step it up girl! ImageImage