Social Media is a very new field, but it is has a lot of power in today’s society. Personally, I am looking at a few different fields and industries that sometimes overlap. Sofia Vergara is in the entertainment industry and her stylist Rachel Zoe is in the fashion industry while also being in the entertainment industry as well due to her show that aired on Bravo. Unlike these two fierce females, the organization Save the Children is in a charitable field.

The entertainment industry relies heavily on social media. Due to this, Vergara is seen constantly uploading photos or tweeting on many platforms. Social media is as important in the entertainment industry as the movie or television show itself. This is because if you do not have a single clue that a TV show or movie is going to come out, most likely the audience will not be as big as one would hope.  The Hollywood Reporter published a study done by the market research firm Penn Schoen Berland that said “88% of respondents view social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook as a new form of entertainment”. This further explains how vital social media is to the entertainment industry. Social media can actually be taking away TV’s audience because people are spending more time on their Facebook and Twitter than streaming shows or movies.

With the rise of the fashion industry we see an increase in the importance of social media. The fashion industry has been very dated with its use of social media. According to Dana Gers on, “Brand makers that don’t create their own conversation with their most passionate customers through social networks risk having a passionate consumer create that presence instead. Facebook and Twitter are cluttered with brand sites that weren’t created and aren’t maintained by marketers.” Social media is a way for a brand to get on a personal level with its customers and build credibility.

Social media in the charity sector is immensely important. Zoe Amar stated on The Guardian that “It will be a major part of every organization’s modus operandi and charities will use it to innovate, connect to their audiences and work even more efficiently.” Social Media is important to charities because they  can use the medium to connect with supporters and spread their cause.