Sofia Vergara did what she knows best this week and continued to use the site She uploaded the photo shown below, but it was impossible to see until you did the extra unnecessary click of your mouse to direct you to whosay. I have included the tweet and the photograph that is shown on the redundant site.


The photo is of the modern family cast surrounding a little boy with the columbian flag painted on his face. If you are unaware, Sofia Vergara is very proud of her columbian culture. Vergara’s purpose of her social media campaign is to promote her show Modern Family, but also promote herself. This post is more image driven because when translated, Sofia’s caption only describes the colors painted on the boy’s face. I would have liked if she put more effort into her captions. Maybe, expressing her love to Columbia. It felt very bland. What interested me about this post was that she included more of the adults that are in Modern Family. Vergara is known for taking selfies with the younger cast members, but this one has Ty Burrell who plays Phil Dunphy and Jesse Tyler Ferguson who plays Mitchell Pritchett unsuspectedly at the top of the photo. It was also interesting to me that not everyone was looking at the camera in the photograph. This made it very ineffective for me because even though it didn’t feel staged, it sorta felt like there were unnecessary people in it that took my attention away from the focus of the photo.

I think the intended audience of this photograph is the audience of the show and parents. Parents will look at the photo and it will remind them of their own children. The advertiser, Sofia Vergara, assumed that all of her followers on Twitter have seen her show and know the subjects in the photograph which could leave people confused. Thankfully, Vergara did not include any logos or slogans in her post, but she does not usually.  I think her posts are ineffective and anything extra would hurt her efforts on social media even more.

The one part of this tweet that was successful was that it had an emotional appeal. By including children in her photograph, it made her followers feel a sense of love and innocence. This is hard for Vergara to achieve because a lot of her followers are interested in her Twitter page and her Facebook page because of her good looks. Even if her audience member might not have a kid, the chances are very large that they have a soft spot for a children.

Overall, this post was unsuccessful. This downfall occurred right when she didn’t post the picture directly on her Twitter page. She lost my interest immediately especially with the very boring caption. This photo did not tell me anything about her or her purpose of uploading it, but only left me to assume. Hopefully, Vergara will learn to ditch and become more personal with her social media pages because quite honestly it feels as if she has hired someone to maintain her social media pages.