Be sure to grab your hot cocoa and snuggle under a blanket and get reading! This week I not only looked at the social media patterns of Rachel Zoe, Save the Children, and Sofia Vergara, but also at the social media of Shakira. Why you might ask? We’ll come back to that…

First lets discuss the successes this week. As fashion week is coming to a close and it only seems to be getting colder this week, we can see  Rachel Zoe embracing her Instagram this week. Zoe was taking over my Instagram, but I was loving every second of it. From photos of insanely detailed gowns to her climbing over a tree in the most glamorous way possible, Zoe really let her followers get a glimpse into her life and it only made me love her and envy her more. The fashionista does a great way of keeping her followers in the loop through her consent tweeting, facebooking, and instagraming. She has been on her A- game and I do not see her coming down from her social media pedestal anytime soon. I don’t like any photos on Instagram, but I had no choice but to like this one! Follow her account and I promise you will not be disappointed.


What better way to grab the attention of a specific audience by quoting a beloved icon. In this specific case, Save the Children was beyond successful. This week, the organization uploaded a photo with a quote from Mr. Rogers. Yes the same Mr. Rogers you watched as a kid and miss dearly. By bringing me back to memories of my childhood, it really got me to start thinking of how fortunate I am to have been able to see him on TV when many other children were not able to. Save the Children is always very consistent with their posts. There is not a day when they do not come up on my news feeds multiple times. The organization does a great job of keeping the organization in the minds of its followers by giving them no other choice but to look. Save the Children does a great job of incorporating photographs in its post and their social media really helps their followers stay in touch with the cause. Save the Children will continue to be great at social media and I look forward to reading their posts every day.Image

Honest question, Do you mind clicking your mouse one extra time. Im not sure if its just me, but that extra click is annoying to me. I dread going to look at Sofia Vergara’s page because I know I will have to click many excess times to look at her whosay page. I have done my research and have found nothing about Vergara being paid by the company whosay, but we can only assume she is. This week Vergara was seen retweeting her fans tweets which I was very surprised about. This was a big success for the actress because it allowed herself to not use whosay and to make her followers feel important. Vergara retweeted the photograph featured below and she needs to take some tips from Head & Shoulders! They didn’t leave you to press another link to see the photograph of Sofia and her family, but it was right there on Twitter as it should be.Image

Another account Sofia Vergara should emulate is Shakira’s. In comparison to Sofia Vergara, Shakira is not the focus of the American public. Vergara should peak at Shakira’s pages because they both are appealing to a similar audience as one is an actress and one is a musician. There is also an even bigger similarity, they are both Columbian and are very proud of their culture. Vergara needs to see the tweets below and alter how she does social media. Shakira is seen tweeting the same message in both Spanish and English. This was a great way to appeal to both of her audiences and this is where Sofia lacks. Instead of choosing where to post in Spanish or English, she can post in both languages so that her followers at home and her followers in the rest of the world are included in her tweets and posts. Sofia Vergara needs to step up her game because she is not taking advantage of her time in the spotlight as the sexy columbian on Modern Family and she is tweeting as if she doesn’t even want to. Also, whosay has to go! If she did some homework on Shakira’s blog, she would learn A LOT! Image