Lets start this blog post with Rachel Zoe’s fabulous use of social media this week! She needs to get a round of applause for how often the style maven tweeted and posted on Facebook at least one time each day and usually way more. I was hyperventilating at points but this post did it for me. In this tweet, Zoe shows her followers her bedroom. This is a big deal! When a star opens their home to you, it is usually because they care about their fans and they want to build a sense of connection. This tweet was a great use of ethos because she is not only telling her audience to buy these pieces, she is showcasing them in her room. This was very effective in making me consider purchasing one of these items for my house. Seeing it in one of role models homes, immediately made me want to shop the look because of the credibility established by uploading  the picture of her own bedroom. I would buy anything my internet bestie puts in her own home.  Zoe takes first place this week for her great use of ethos through her personal addition of a picture in her tweet! Image

Save the Children took the opportunity this week to use pathos to intrigue their followers to contribute to the wonderful organization. They tweeted and uploaded the image pictured below and it immediately made me say “AWWWW”!  This post was a very effective way of appealing to the emotions of their audience by making you feel something when you see that picture. The photograph of two girls making a heart in honor of valentine’s day makes you feel very intrigued to help in the efforts of Save the Children. When you see a photo of two underprivileged children smiling and making a heart with their hands, it makes you realize how fortunate we all are and how we can make a change in this organization. Save the Children’s use of pathos this week was spot on keeping in mind that a common use of pathos is to draw pity from an audience. This organization did a great job this week with their social media and this post especially. It was very different from their previous posts and this was eye catching for me because they did not hashtag anything. The lack of hashtags made me feel that they were not posting to get anything trending on twitter, but solely out of the kindness of their hearts in wishing everyone a happy valentine’s day. Image


In last place is Sofia Vergara. Her presence on social media this week was AWFUL! Her twitter page was not interesting at all. Vergara commonly puts links to a site named whosay. She posts more pictures on that site than she does on Facebook and Twitter combined. She attempted to use pathos, but fell very short. This post made me feel happy that she is involving her followers in her everyday life, but it does not make me feel anything extraordinary in comparison to Save the Children’s post. I do not know what I am supposed to do with this photo of cake. I found it interesting though because it was different from her other posts. It actually had a picture that you didn’t have to click another link to see, but of course the link is there just in case you want to browse. I’m pretty disappointed in Vergara’s social media this week because nothing she posted was worth reading and it was all fluff. Step it up Sofia! Image