This week I read about the American Apparel social media scandal that occurred in October. As someone who was affected by Hurricane Sandy, I found in distasteful and offensive! The chain sent out an email to its customers on its email list offering 20% off in Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland. Ya know just in case you’re bored right? When Hurricane Sandy hit my town, the last thing anyone was interested in was shopping. We were sorta focused on the lost lives, our damaged homes, lost family heirlooms, and no electricity, but i guess buying bodysuits and crop tops should take precedence… wait maybe I’m wrong!  Due to the huge backlash that occurred in response to this horrible email, american apparel was being protested by many angry former customers.

First off, I would not have sent this email out. This would never have even crossed my mind as a proper time to promote my company. I would have handled this situation very differently. If I worked for American Apparel, I would have sent out an email to all of the company’s customers in support of the people affected by the hurricane. Instead of targeting the areahit by the natural disaster, I would have sent it out to help raise money for the victims. Instead of 20% off, I would have done 20% of all purchases go to the Hurricane Sandy efforts. The company would have been put in a better light and they would have been viewed as charitable instead of ignorant. dfba96c5