When you think of what a brand is, what comes to mind? I thought it was just the company’s name, logo, and slogan. Yes this is a part of a person or organizations brand, but there is much more! Nike has the slogan Just Do It and the swoosh as their logo, but when I think of Nike I also think of good quality, professional, and if I buy one of their products, I will perform better. This is a companies brand. The modern day brand is what people think of when they hear the name of a person, company, or organization. According to Forbes, It’s factual and emotional.  

Rachel Zoe is more than a stylist, editor, and designer. When I think of Zoe’s brand, I think of fashion-forward, chic, timeless, and bananas. For those who haven’t watched The Rachel Zoe Project, she has many things that she says all the time to the point where they are categorized as her trademarks. She loves to say “I die”, “Literally can’t deal with this right now”, “It’s everything”, “Beyond Major”, “Not gonna lie”, and lastly “BANANAS”! These are all a integral part of her brand. Rachel Zoe’s brand is the epitome of high fashion and of course her family. Zoe is not usually seen without either her son or husband by her side.

Sofia Vergara is seen as the funny and attractive Columbian actress in the hit television show, Modern Family. Lucky her, right? She is a famous comedian and model as well thanks to her good looks and wit. She has endorsed CoverGirl, Diet Pepsi and Comcast after her amazing success! Vergara’s brand also includes her fashion line for K-Mart. 

Save The Children has a very distinguished brand. What first comes to mind is the charitableness, selflessness, and success. When disaster strikes, this organization’s goal is to give the children a new and healthy start. Their brand includes our own Rachel Zoe, Jennifer Garner, Julianne Moore, Jennifer Connelly, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lynn Harrell and Helen Nightengale. These famous individuals are a part of Save The Children’s brand because they are artist ambassadors who support the efforts of this organization. The brand is helping children with education, health and emergencies. Save The Children is a charity for kids who are in need of help in 120 countries!