So who do you think should win this weekly battle? After looking at the Twitters and Facebooks of Save The Children, Rachel Zoe, and Sofia Vergara, it was clear that their was a queen. She not only put passion into her efforts to reach her audience of followers, but she did this so often that no one had a choice but to look and be interested.

This week, Rachel Zoe was on her A game! In the words of the fashion guru herself, I DIE! Every time I see her new tweet or post on Facebook, I do think I literally die… maybe my heart stops for a second, but I think that still counts. I honestly feel like I learn about her and as if I’m living her life alongside her through her use of social media. I guess we can say she’s my internet bestie! Yeah we’ve never spoken, but I do feel a sense of connection to her especially this week. For this reason, she lands in first place for her consistent and abundant amount of tweets and posts this week from her page and The Zoe Report’s page. Go BANANAS! She posted a baby bag given to her by another fierce female, Jessica Alba, and her credibility made me instantly want to buy the same bag. Yeah I don’t have kids, but a bag is a bag right? Okay maybe not, but it’s still makes me want to buy it because one of my favorite celebs is rockin’ it on  the streets of LA! Image

Next in the line for the throne is Save The Children. Save The Children used amazing photos this week to appeal to its supporters emotions. It’s like the Sarah McLachlan animal cruelty commercials, even if you have no clue what is being supported, you automatically feel something. I had no clue the extremity of what was happening in HOMS in particular. We are told that there is a lot of violence occurring in Syria, but not usually specifically where. Save The Children did a great job of showing their supporters the issues taking place in the besieged city.


Sadly, Sofia Vergara comes in the last for the second week in a row. This is not to say she’s doing  a poor job with her social media… well maybe it is, but that she is doing a worse job than Zoe and Save The Children. She has connected with her followers by retweeting their tweets to make them feel like she cares about her fans. I give her credit for reaching out to her fans, but she has to step up her game.