For my semester long assignment I have chosen to focus on Sofia Vergara, Save The Children US, and Rachel Zoe. They are all connected when you look deep into their ventures. Save The Children appointed Rachel Zoe as artist ambassador and Rachel Zoe has styled Sofia Vergara. Rachel Zoe spends a majority of her time using social media through her Twitter or Facebook account. Save the children promotes its cause on Youtube and many other platforms. Such as, Facebook. Sofia Vergara uses Twitter and Facebook to promote herself, her brand. Rachel Zoe supports the Save The Children Foundation through spreading the problems facing children in the United States. As one of Rachel Zoe’s clients, Sofia Vergara uses social media to post daily about her life. .”Save the Children gives children in the United States and around the world what every child deserves – a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm, especially when disaster strikes.” There have been controversies regarding this organization. Some believe that they put politics before the greater good of the people they are supposedly trying to help. I disagree and with the appointment of Rachel Zoe as an artist ambassador, I feel more of a sense of trust in the organization because someone I follow supports it. As a graduate of The George Washington University, she is an interesting person to lookinto because she is very in tune with social media and this amazing cause. Zoe is making an impact contributing to the Save The Children cause. Through the use of social media, Vergara and Zoe  use their status to persuade their followers and customers to reach their followers. Rachel Zoe, Sofia Vergara, and The Save The Children Organization are very present in social media and I am going to keep you up to date on their social media trends. They all are related, but their social media tactics differ to reach their different audiences.Unknown-1