This semester I have used social media to promote this blog. There many challenges. I have never really promoted anything before besides bake sales and things I spoke with others through word of mouth. This semester’s project led me to post online about my blog and I found this to be harder than I first assumed. It was difficult to remember to promote the blog due to the lack of audience reading my wonderful pieces of writing 😛 Another challenge was coming up with new and interesting things to say because I found myself repeating my previous posts and being extremely bland. I learned that writing “visit my page” is not sufficient. If all marketers wrote such boring statements, I would not click on them. Saying this, I tried very hard with my blog and its promotion whether online or by talking to others about my project. I think my campaign on social media did its purpose, but could have been stronger in some places. It was a learning experience and I do think it was overall effective. 




weekly round up #10

The weather is finally beautiful in Washington, DC! This week we saw a few curveballs with the social media accounts of Sofia Vergara, Save the Children, and Rachel Zoe. Lets take a look!

The best at social media this week was Save the Children. This organization’s social media account always appeals to its audiences emotions. This week their posts were extremely strategic. The photograph I included below is a perfect example of how to use social media for all it has to offer. This week Save the Children tweeted at Chris Murphy thanking him for his support. This was not only showing appreciation towards the senator, but it also guided his followers to the Save the Children Twitter account. This was a great usage of Twitter and social media in general!


Next we have Rachel Zoe. I am definitely not saying that she did a poor job on social media this week because that is not the case at all. I found that her posts this week felt very predictable for Zoe. I feel that every photo I saw of her that she personally uploaded is very posed where she is wearing sunglasses indoors. I understand this is fashion, but there is no sun inside and it personally makes me feel closed off from her. I guess that could be just me! The caption in this photograph is great though. She pays homage to a designer which makes her look like she is not only using social media for her own promotion. I cannot wait to see what Zoe will be doing this coming week on social media.


I wish I could surprise you with my least favorite social media account this week, but unfortunately I could not stray from the predictable. Don’t blame me, blame Sofia Vergara. This post this week had a lot of potential and she is definitely on the right track. The post featured below is very simple and gives an inside look at her life, but again you must go to to view it and the photograph felt very stiff and not as candid as I would have liked. Saying this, we are moving in the right direction! I loved Sofia’s usage of Spanish and English in her post, but if it was another word that wasn’t as similar in both languages, I do think she would have needed to have two separate posts. Keep up the good work and ditch 🙂


weekly round up #9

This week was very consistent for Sofia Vergara, Save the Children, and Rachel Zoe. None of their social media accounts had any surprises, but this week I thought that Zoe and Save the Children performed at the same level as one another. They both do a great job in each of their niche audiences. Lets take a look… 

Rachel Zoe is always one to give a behind the scenes look at her work life and home life. This is very endearing and it really captivates the attention of her fashionista audience. It is good to know that someone who puts so much time and effort into her appearance still has a personal life. This week Rachel uploaded a TBT photo from her son Skyler’s birthday party. You had to know a little bit about the stylist to understand who is accompanying her in the photo. Joey Maalouf is Zoe’s best friend and she was on point for including him in one of her posts. By having her close friends in her photographs, it shows Rachel Zoe wants her fans to know her friends as well and this creates a very strong connection. This exemplifies that she is just like everyone else. In addition, Zoe’s TBT was so perfect because it showed that she is in the know of what is hot in pop culture and doing Throwback Thursday pictures is all the rage. Good job Rachel and keep it up! 



My all time favorite account, Save the Children did a phenomenal job as usual with its social media campaign. They also do a great job at appealing to the emotions of their supporters. Save the Children is an admirable charity and this week they did not fall short of their constant great work on social media. Save the Children announced their accomplishments and it immediately made me acknowledge how much good they do. By making people feel something whether that be sadness or anger or even curiosity, Save the Children has succeeded. I cannot wait to see their usage of social media next week. Image


This week Sofia Vergara was seen using her usual mediocre social media tactics. Yes she does have a lot of followers on her social media accounts, but I do not think that people follow her because they are genuinely interested in what she has to say or the lack of what she says on her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for that matter. Vergara was on the right track this week by tweeting in Spanish to attract her Spanish speaking audience, but she did not include the english translation. This is a big downfall on her social media. When she says anything in Spanish, I expect her to also include the English translation due to the fact that her show Modern Family  is in English. Vergara needs to appeal to both audiences and she continues to fall short. Lets see if she can improve her performance this coming week.


weekly round up #8

With the beginning of spring all I can think of are flowers and blooming trees! (cherry blossoms of course) With this new season does not come any new changes on the social media of Sofia Vergara, Save the Children and Rachel Zoe. This is not a big deal in some cases, but in others it is very unfortunate. **cough cough Sofia** Lets break down this weeks social media starting from the best to the worst… you can definitely guess the order, but lets pretend for the sake of this post that history does not repeat itself! 

In the most coveted spot is Rachel Zoe. The fashionista has a way with her words on all of her social media platforms. Her captions feel very personal and genuine. I would not think for a second that Zoe doesn’t write her own posts and this is key. Even if she has some random assistant write her tweets, post her Instagrams, and update her Facebook, I as her audience cannot tell. This week Rachel Zoe has been heavily promoting her new book, Living In Style. She does not go about this in the typical fashion of other celebrities selling goods and this is a breath of fresh air. Zoe sells you her product without you knowing. Yes this is manipulative, but it works! Rachel Zoe is a force to be reckoned with on social media and that is why she keeps coming in first place! Image

I know that in life we are not supposed to have favorites, but we all can admit that we do. Don’t let my favorite influence you, but i just have to spill. My favorite organization that I follow out of these three is Save the Children. Whoever does their PR is a genius. Every single post can make anyone burst into tears and want to make a difference. This week Save the Children was seen doing their normal routine of alternating posts with photos and posts without photos. I find this very effective because it keeps an audience engaged when there are graphics. In the screenshot below, the organization did not just promote itself, but also Google+. This photograph appeals to the readers emotions and therefore it is highly effective. This post not only grabs the attention of women, but anyone with a mother, a daughter, or a sister. Keep up the good work Save The Children! Image


Lets pretend you didn’t guess it already, but Sofia Vergara did the worst this week on social media. I do not think there is more than one post that evoked any sort of feeling. She is very straight to the point which normally would be considered a good thing, but not in this case. She does not show her personality at all and I feel as if she has hired a robot to manage her social media accounts. This is very disappointing, but to be completely honest I am so used to it that I expect nothing from her on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Please Sofia take some hints from the other celebrities and move up the social media ladder. Below is an example of one of posts that was more worthy for Instagram and no other medium. I wish the dish was Columbian because that would have shown how proud she is of her heritage, but instead it was a useless post. Step it up girl! ImageImage

weekly round up #7

Happy Spring!! With the change of season does not come a change in the social media patterns of Sofia Vergara, Rachel Zoe, and Save the Children. Unfortunately Sofia Vergara is not frequenting my blog and taking my words of advice 😦 Her loss! On the other hand, Rachel Zoe and Save the Children are doing a great job with their social media. Lets take a closer look!

This week, we saw the release of Zoe’s new book “Living in Style”. With all of the chaos taking place, she did a wonderful job of keeping her followers in the loop and also gave them a inside look at her exclusive life. The fashionista is constantly blogging and keeping all of her social media pages up to date whether that be Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Rachel Zoe does a great job of keeping an informal and personal tone on all of her pages and this week is no different. I saw Zoe upload photos of herself and her staff and this made me feel a connection to the world renowned stylist. The wording of the caption was very informal. Zoe does a great job of connecting with her fans on a personal level and this specific post is no different.Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 4.36.30 PM

Next we have the wonderful Save the Children organization. Save the Children does an enviable job with their social media. Every post seems like it was well thought out and comes from the heart. This is very important because they want people to contribute towards their efforts and that will only occur if people feel trust and love towards the cause. This week Save the Children continued with its smart tactics of alternating between photos with captions and tweets or statuses without photos. The photos definitely grab my attention so I am sure I am not the only one who takes a second look at their pages. In this specific post, the organization appealed to its supporters emotions by incorporating a little girls photo with a short caption that makes anyone tear up. They brought attention to the problems occurring in Syria and did a great job of using ethos in their many posts.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 6.22.21 PM

Sadly, there is nothing new when it comes to Sofia Vergara’s use of social media. (SERIOUSLY SOFIA?!) She still relies on for her social media and her captions are extremely bland. The one thing Vergara did right in my opinion this week was uploading photos of herself with her Modern Family costars because it appealed to not only her followers, but also the audience of the successful ABC show. This was very smart of the actress. She also included the adorable actress that plays Lily on the show and this would make anyone melt. Vergara does not have a presence on social media, but if she continues to upload photos on set, she will be one step closer to possibly not last place in my little competition. Good Luck Sofia Vergara! Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 4.28.45 PM

La Audiencia de Vergara

Today we’re going to look at the audience that Sofia Vergara is seeking to reach. In my opinion Vergara’s use of social media is unknown.  She does not use her Twitter and Facebook like any other celebrity that I am aware of. Even though she encounters many problems with her use of social media, I am going to analyze three sources to try and distinguish her audience.

Sofia Vergara is an actress who makes her love for Columbia known. She uses both the Spanish language and the English language on her social media. Even though there are usually very short captions, her tweets and statuses, grab the attention of both those who speak English and those who speak Spanish. Vergara began her career in Columbia and by writing tweets and statuses in Spanish she is seeking to reach people who can connect with her on a linguistic level. Sofia Vergara uses her knowledge of multiple languages to her advantage to try and attract both the people who live where she grew up and the people who live in the country she lives in now. Even if it is as simple as Vergara saying “En Bevery Hills” or “Familia Moderna day”, she is seeking to reach her fellow Columbians and even anyone who embraces their Spanish culture.


In addition to the actress’s use of language to appeal to a specific audience, she also promotes Modern Family on her Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page. As an actress on the show, she wants to attract more people to watch the show and keep the current audience enticed. By uploading photos on set with all of her co-stars, she gives a behind the scenes look at the ABC program. Vergara has been seen retweeting some of her co-stars tweets that are written about her or feature photographs of herself. Sofia Vergara is seeking out the same audience that watches Modern Family through her social media. Modern Family attracts a very wide audience due to the many types of people featured on the show. Right below her main thumbnail photograph on Twitter is a caption that says “Modern Family!” Before you even begin reading her tweets you have already seen a promotion for the hit show.  Sofia Vergara is trying to feed off of the audience of Modern Family because it can be assumed that all who watch the show admire her. It is a smart move for Vergara to try to seek the audience of Modern Family to be the audience of her social media.


Another small audience Sofia Vergara seeks to reach is those who use the products she endorses. Sofia Vergara is a spokeswoman for Head & Shoulders and she has been seen re-tweeting the hair care company’s photos that include her as an endorser. By doing this, she not only promotes the products to her current audience, but if someone was to look at the Head & Shoulders Twitter page, they could then direct themselves to Vergara’s page. Sofia Vergara seeks to grab the attention of the audience of the brands that she endorses. In this case, it creates a connection between herself and the users of Head & Shoulders because now they both know they use anti-dandruff shampoo. This small connection is enough for someone to begin to follow the actress.


weekly round up #6

Thankfully spring break is right around the corner! Rachel Zoe and Sofia Vergara had their fun with the oscars and now students can have ours. I wish I could shock you with my opinion of who reigned supreme this week in their use of social media and who was at the bottom of the totem pole, but unfortunately nothing seems to change that much.

This week I can’t help myself from putting save the children in first place. This week, the organization did a phenomenal job of grabbing the attention of its followers. Everyday I find myself on yahoo news and cnn to see what is going on outside of the U.S. I fell upon a video of a young girl in the United Kingdom having her life change forever with the outbreak of a war. This video was meant to make people in the U.K. think about the impact war has and how it can happen anywhere. Even though I do not live in the U.K., this video spoke volumes to me. We need to open our eyes to what is happening around us because “Just because it isn’t happening here, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.” This video created a connection between the organization and its supporters by appealing to their followers emotions. Great job Save the Children! Image

Next we have Rachel Zoe! Zoe was very busy this week on social media even though her life was utter chaos with the styling of her clients. The stylist even managed to promote her own clothing brand and the pre-sale of her new book, living in style. It even sounds chic! Zoe did a fabulous job of promoting the rachel zoe collection this week. One post that stuck with me was a photo she uploaded of a pair of beautiful shoes that even she loves. Rachel Zoe did a great job of connecting with her fans by giving them her opinion. She branded herself impeccably while promoting her company. I know I am more inclined to buy these flawlessly studded black sandals. Rachel Zoe is the queen of selling her brand on her social media and this week was no different.Image

I honestly want to give you guys one post where Sofia Vergara does not come in last place, but I do not see this in the future. She cannot stop herself from posting all of her photos on and this is a deal breaker for me. Vergara’s post also do not feel personal and this leads me to think she is not in control of her own social media. You would think that if she hired someone to be responsible for her social media it would be done more effectively.  She is slacking and it has really made me uninterested in her even as an actress because it makes me feel that she doesn’t care about her fans. Sofia Vergara needs to either start writing her own posts on Facebook and Twitter not on or fire the person in charge of her social media. This week she was seen not even including captions and just posting links to This specific link was very interesting because it was about one of her upcoming films, but who would know from her tweet? The sad, but truthful answer is no one. Vergara does an awful job with her social media and it leaves one feeling empty and disappointed. Image

The Importance of Social Media

Social Media is a very new field, but it is has a lot of power in today’s society. Personally, I am looking at a few different fields and industries that sometimes overlap. Sofia Vergara is in the entertainment industry and her stylist Rachel Zoe is in the fashion industry while also being in the entertainment industry as well due to her show that aired on Bravo. Unlike these two fierce females, the organization Save the Children is in a charitable field.

The entertainment industry relies heavily on social media. Due to this, Vergara is seen constantly uploading photos or tweeting on many platforms. Social media is as important in the entertainment industry as the movie or television show itself. This is because if you do not have a single clue that a TV show or movie is going to come out, most likely the audience will not be as big as one would hope.  The Hollywood Reporter published a study done by the market research firm Penn Schoen Berland that said “88% of respondents view social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook as a new form of entertainment”. This further explains how vital social media is to the entertainment industry. Social media can actually be taking away TV’s audience because people are spending more time on their Facebook and Twitter than streaming shows or movies.

With the rise of the fashion industry we see an increase in the importance of social media. The fashion industry has been very dated with its use of social media. According to Dana Gers on, “Brand makers that don’t create their own conversation with their most passionate customers through social networks risk having a passionate consumer create that presence instead. Facebook and Twitter are cluttered with brand sites that weren’t created and aren’t maintained by marketers.” Social media is a way for a brand to get on a personal level with its customers and build credibility.

Social media in the charity sector is immensely important. Zoe Amar stated on The Guardian that “It will be a major part of every organization’s modus operandi and charities will use it to innovate, connect to their audiences and work even more efficiently.” Social Media is important to charities because they  can use the medium to connect with supporters and spread their cause.

Sofia Vergara’s ineffective use of whosay on Twitter

Sofia Vergara did what she knows best this week and continued to use the site She uploaded the photo shown below, but it was impossible to see until you did the extra unnecessary click of your mouse to direct you to whosay. I have included the tweet and the photograph that is shown on the redundant site.


The photo is of the modern family cast surrounding a little boy with the columbian flag painted on his face. If you are unaware, Sofia Vergara is very proud of her columbian culture. Vergara’s purpose of her social media campaign is to promote her show Modern Family, but also promote herself. This post is more image driven because when translated, Sofia’s caption only describes the colors painted on the boy’s face. I would have liked if she put more effort into her captions. Maybe, expressing her love to Columbia. It felt very bland. What interested me about this post was that she included more of the adults that are in Modern Family. Vergara is known for taking selfies with the younger cast members, but this one has Ty Burrell who plays Phil Dunphy and Jesse Tyler Ferguson who plays Mitchell Pritchett unsuspectedly at the top of the photo. It was also interesting to me that not everyone was looking at the camera in the photograph. This made it very ineffective for me because even though it didn’t feel staged, it sorta felt like there were unnecessary people in it that took my attention away from the focus of the photo.

I think the intended audience of this photograph is the audience of the show and parents. Parents will look at the photo and it will remind them of their own children. The advertiser, Sofia Vergara, assumed that all of her followers on Twitter have seen her show and know the subjects in the photograph which could leave people confused. Thankfully, Vergara did not include any logos or slogans in her post, but she does not usually.  I think her posts are ineffective and anything extra would hurt her efforts on social media even more.

The one part of this tweet that was successful was that it had an emotional appeal. By including children in her photograph, it made her followers feel a sense of love and innocence. This is hard for Vergara to achieve because a lot of her followers are interested in her Twitter page and her Facebook page because of her good looks. Even if her audience member might not have a kid, the chances are very large that they have a soft spot for a children.

Overall, this post was unsuccessful. This downfall occurred right when she didn’t post the picture directly on her Twitter page. She lost my interest immediately especially with the very boring caption. This photo did not tell me anything about her or her purpose of uploading it, but only left me to assume. Hopefully, Vergara will learn to ditch and become more personal with her social media pages because quite honestly it feels as if she has hired someone to maintain her social media pages.

weekly round up #5

Be sure to grab your hot cocoa and snuggle under a blanket and get reading! This week I not only looked at the social media patterns of Rachel Zoe, Save the Children, and Sofia Vergara, but also at the social media of Shakira. Why you might ask? We’ll come back to that…

First lets discuss the successes this week. As fashion week is coming to a close and it only seems to be getting colder this week, we can see  Rachel Zoe embracing her Instagram this week. Zoe was taking over my Instagram, but I was loving every second of it. From photos of insanely detailed gowns to her climbing over a tree in the most glamorous way possible, Zoe really let her followers get a glimpse into her life and it only made me love her and envy her more. The fashionista does a great way of keeping her followers in the loop through her consent tweeting, facebooking, and instagraming. She has been on her A- game and I do not see her coming down from her social media pedestal anytime soon. I don’t like any photos on Instagram, but I had no choice but to like this one! Follow her account and I promise you will not be disappointed.


What better way to grab the attention of a specific audience by quoting a beloved icon. In this specific case, Save the Children was beyond successful. This week, the organization uploaded a photo with a quote from Mr. Rogers. Yes the same Mr. Rogers you watched as a kid and miss dearly. By bringing me back to memories of my childhood, it really got me to start thinking of how fortunate I am to have been able to see him on TV when many other children were not able to. Save the Children is always very consistent with their posts. There is not a day when they do not come up on my news feeds multiple times. The organization does a great job of keeping the organization in the minds of its followers by giving them no other choice but to look. Save the Children does a great job of incorporating photographs in its post and their social media really helps their followers stay in touch with the cause. Save the Children will continue to be great at social media and I look forward to reading their posts every day.Image

Honest question, Do you mind clicking your mouse one extra time. Im not sure if its just me, but that extra click is annoying to me. I dread going to look at Sofia Vergara’s page because I know I will have to click many excess times to look at her whosay page. I have done my research and have found nothing about Vergara being paid by the company whosay, but we can only assume she is. This week Vergara was seen retweeting her fans tweets which I was very surprised about. This was a big success for the actress because it allowed herself to not use whosay and to make her followers feel important. Vergara retweeted the photograph featured below and she needs to take some tips from Head & Shoulders! They didn’t leave you to press another link to see the photograph of Sofia and her family, but it was right there on Twitter as it should be.Image

Another account Sofia Vergara should emulate is Shakira’s. In comparison to Sofia Vergara, Shakira is not the focus of the American public. Vergara should peak at Shakira’s pages because they both are appealing to a similar audience as one is an actress and one is a musician. There is also an even bigger similarity, they are both Columbian and are very proud of their culture. Vergara needs to see the tweets below and alter how she does social media. Shakira is seen tweeting the same message in both Spanish and English. This was a great way to appeal to both of her audiences and this is where Sofia lacks. Instead of choosing where to post in Spanish or English, she can post in both languages so that her followers at home and her followers in the rest of the world are included in her tweets and posts. Sofia Vergara needs to step up her game because she is not taking advantage of her time in the spotlight as the sexy columbian on Modern Family and she is tweeting as if she doesn’t even want to. Also, whosay has to go! If she did some homework on Shakira’s blog, she would learn A LOT! Image